What would you do with £500?


Ever wanted to help your community AND stand a chance of winning £500?


The Barnham Lottery has up to 200 members. Each member makes a modest monthly payment of £10 and is entered into a monthly draw for a chance to win this cash prize. The balance of the money raised, is spent on improving and updating our community facilities. 



How does it work?

It's simple! Every member is entered into a monthly draw which has one prize of £500. The draw is normally made during Coffee Morning at Barnham Community Hall on Wednesday between 10.15-12pm or at Quiz Night which is held on the last Friday of the month - whichever falls closer to the last day of that month. The Barnham Lottery member drawn out, wins!

Previous Winners: 


January - Rob McCorquodale

February - Brian Hudson

March - Terry Bedford

April - Rob Sparrow

May - Ted Fosberry

June - Rob McHale

July - David Phillips

August - H Bannister

September - C Shrubsall

October - Hannah Phillips

November - Rob McHale

December- Richard Miles


January - Karen Miles

Febuary - Sally Camps

March - Ali Tarbard

April - Mark Waghorn

May - Tony Budd

June - Tony Budd  Congratulations again Tony

July - Linda Fathers

August - Pauline and Ken Holmes

Will you be next?!



Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Use the form to fill in your details and we'll get right back to you


Thank You

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